The commanding voice suggests a life beyond her years and Julia defies her tiny, youthful frame to reveal the experience of an accomplished actress with 20 years of film and television credits to her name.

Julia Chantrey

Her dedication to her craft became evident at a young age when she landed a recurring role in CBC’s ‘Wind at my Back’, playing troublemaking teen Alice MacFarlane, followed by her Guest Star appearance as whistle blower Jessica Dewson in Global’s ‘Blue Murder’, a role which garnered her a Gemini in 2002. She gathered a cult following after appearing as the sardonic social outcast Amber D’Allesio in Tina Fey’s ‘Mean Girls’, and went on to voice the role of charismatic bully Eva in Teletoon’s ‘Total Drama Island’.

Her dry wit and comic pace keep her shadows at bay, but don’t let her coy smile fool you.

Julia will bite.

It was this playful bite that got the attention of Guillermo del Toro for his 2013 film ‘Mama’, where Julia plays Nina alongside Golden Globe winner/Oscar Nominee Jessica Chastain.

- Lisa Mazzotta, Producer